Saudi Coalition Holds French Journalists in Al-Mahra

A Saudi force detained two French journalists after they arrived in Yemen to learn about its humanitarian conditions as a result of the war waged by the coalition led by Riyadh for the eighth year in a row.

The leader of the “Southern Resistance”, Adel Al-Hassani, said in a post on Twitter, “The Saudi-Emirati coalition forces kidnapped the French journalist Yuri Alexis MALDAVSKY and the French journalist Charles Antoine Clovls EMPTAZ.

He added, “The coalition also kidnapped a translator and a driver of Yemeni origins, and their fate with the French journalists is still unknown”.

Al-Hasani called on the French government to “intervene quickly and release the kidnapped journalists and their crew”.

The Saudi-led coalition is preventing Arab and international media from visiting Yemen as part of its media blackout over the brutal crimes it is committing.

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