Arrival of American Military Reinforcements to Hadramout

A Media source affirmed arrival of large batch of American forces to the city of Mukalla, the center of the oil-rich province of Hadramout, in eastern Yemen, on Saturday.

The Saudi “Al-Hadath” TV channel confirmed that the American forces maintain a military presence in the city of Mukalla.

On Friday, Al-Hadath channel quoted American sources as saying: “There is an American military base in which special forces operate in the city of Mukalla.”

The channel’s correspondent in Washington, Bier Ghanim, confirmed that between 40 and 50 American soldiers arrived, among the latest reinforcements in Hadramout province.

Media outlets had confirmed the arrival of US forces and their tour of the coastal cities of Al-Dhaba, Al-Shihr, Fowah, and Broum in Hadramout, where the UAE’s “Barshid” camp is located.

The arrival of almost daily US military flights to and from Al-Rayyan Airport was highlighted by the media after US forces converted it into a military base in early 2021.

Observers noted that the American presence in Hadramout at the military and diplomatic levels reveals the American ambitions in the province, which is rich in oil wealth.

It should be noted that the United States is showing remarkable interest in Hadramout province through extensive visits of political delegations and military missions, amidst the struggle of the Saudi-led coalition forces represented by Riyadh and Abu Dhabi and their followers to control Hadramout.

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