Decisive Days Determine the Fate of Negotiations

The speech of Anssarallah leader, Abdul-Malik al-Houthi, inaugurated a new phase entitled expelling foreign forces from Yemen, and an end to the state of coalition evasiveness in the negotiations for peace.

Al-Houthi’s speech, which came on the occasion of the assassination anniversary of former President, Saleh Al-Sammad, focused on a number of points, the most prominent of which was the disclosure political negotiations course taking place under Omani mediation, where Al-Houthi referred to the coalition’s procrastination regarding the necessary entitlements and obligations, noting that the United States is behind this procrastination and its benefit from the continuation of war in Yemen.

Al-Houthi referred to the points of American obstruction to the negotiations, which are, as he identified, three essential points. The first is to distance the coalition from any obligations arising from any agreement or understanding, and to try to transform the issue as if it were a purely internal issue. As for the second point, it is the delay in the salaries and entitlements of the Yemeni people, and the third point is the insistence on the survival of foreign bases in the country.

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For Sana’a, the American intervention in these points is a zero-sum of the preliminary understandings that had been achieved. Consequently, the negotiations were doomed to failure, and there was no choice but to return to war. It appears to be the closest option, given that the American obstruction affects basic principles and uncompromising red lines for Sana’a.

The leader of Anssarallah movement, Abd al-Malik al-Houthi, had warned the coalition a few days ago against wasting the opportunity that was given for the success of the Omani mediation, stressing that Sana’a’s patience would not last indefinitely. However, instead of listening to this warning, the American emerged to announce his presence in the areas under the control of coalition as a fait accompli. Where a military base was uncovered in Hadhramaut, and procrastination continued by the coalition in terms of humanitarian benefits. He continued to insist on renouncing the obligations resulting from the war.

Sana’a has shown a lot of flexibility during the last period, and this was in the hope that the coalition countries would make their decision independently, away from the American intervention, which was obstructive from the beginning and was evident through the movements and statements of American officials, including Lenderking, who considered the demands for the payment of salaries impossible. However, Sana’a has become more convinced today that the coalition countries, regardless of the global changes, cannot move away from the American decision. Al-Houthi stressed in his speech that the Americans are trying to obstruct the Omani endeavors, and its tools are obedient and bad as well, and do not carry good intentions, but rather their direction is basically aggressive.

The war will return then, so the variables say,

The leader of Anssarallah called for a massive popular demonstration on Friday, among whose titles was a warning to the coalition, and this is what is known to those who follow Sana’a’s movements as raising the argument, and unless there is an urgent move by the coalition to accept Sana’a’s terms, the negotiations will have ended from where it began. The confrontation begins with a new equation drawn by the leader of Anssarallah in his speech entitled complete independence, and the first of that is the expulsion of foreign forces from Yemen.

Al-Houthi says: The American must realize that for us, he is in the position of the occupying aggressor, and that he must raise his soldiers and remove them from any base in our country, this is totally unacceptable, he must leave, leave, leave our country, from our land, you are an occupier, and you are an aggressor, leave Al-Rayyan, leave Mukalla, leave all the provinces of our country, leave, Saudi, leave, Emirati, leave, British, leave, you are all occupiers in any province, at any facility, at any base, on any island, anywhere on our territorial waters.

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