New Saudi Arrests of Islah Recruits in the Borders

Saudi forces arrested on Thursday, a number of Islah recruits stationed in the border areas under the pretext of incitement, in light of silence of the party fighting to defend the Saudi borders.

Military sources in Aden Defense stated that the Saudi forces arrested 11 recruits from Al-Jawf Axis forces affiliated with Islah Party, under the pretext of inciting them against the Saudi-Emirati coalition.

This campaign of arrests is not the first time of its kind, as the same forces have previously launched similar campaigns.

About a week ago, the same forces launched a similar campaign of arrests against military leaders of Islah Forces at the border, at their head, the commander of the 9th Brigade, Muhammad Hadi al-Amalsi, against the backdrop of organizing protests to demand the payment of their financial dues, which have been suspended for many months.

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