Human Rights Center: Saudi Arabia Commits War Crimes in Sa’ada Border Areas

On Tuesday, a human rights center in Sana’a condemned, the Saudi army’s targeting of civilian villages and farms in the Al-Raqu area of the border district of Munbah in Sa’ada governorate.
Sana’a – Alkhabar Alyemeni
The “Eye of Humanity” center considered these crimes and their previous ones, according to the international humanitarian legal description, to be war crimes, stressing that their description as well does not accept interpretation or controversy, since the targets are safe civilians
The Center condemned the “silence of the international community and international bodies and organizations, especially the United Nations, regarding what the coalition countries and their factions are doing in Yemen
Today, Tuesday, one person was killed and ten wounded in the Al-Raqu area, and this crime came in the context of what Saudi forces are committing during the truce and the subsequent calm, from their shelling of border areas in Sa’ada Governorate, leaving a large number of civilian victims

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