Warnings of Israel’s control over communications in Yemen

The Israeli enemy entity seeks to control the telecommunications sector in Aden and other areas under the control of the coalition through the portal of the UAE Telecom Company which the government of Maeen Abdul Malik is proceeding to conclude a deal enabling it to manage the telecommunications sector in Yemen
Exclusive– Alkhabar Alyemeni
According to information published in the Israeli press, the UAE Telecom Company is an intelligence portal for the Israeli enemy. Last month, it formally and publicly signed an agreement with the Israeli intelligence company Cyberint Technologies Ltd and the agreement provides for this company to be enabled from the security and information side of communications
According to the Times of Israel: Cyberint Technologies Ltd, an Israel-based cyber intelligence company, announced on March 15 that it had signed an agreement with the UAE telecom company to protect its infrastructure from what it described as cybercriminals
The Israeli website indicates that the UAE telecom company has 155.4 million subscribers in 16 countries across the Middle East, Asia, and Africa, including mobile, TV, and internet subscribers, in addition to hundreds of thousands of companies that use its digital, cloud, and telecommunications services, which necessarily means that the Israeli intelligence company has access to the data of all subscribers
Since this agreement, the UAE company has begun to expand its activity in order to reach more countries. In this context, the company’s CEO said it is considering acquiring telecommunications companies abroad to expand its revenue base and that it is keen to buy businesses that complement and add value to its consumer business
Perhaps telecommunications companies in coalition-controlled areas in Yemen are one of the objectives of the acquisition from the UAE company and it is not surprising that Dowidar’s statement comes after a meeting between the Minister of Communications Najib Al-Awj and the CEO of Operator Services and Sales at the telecommunications company, Ali Amiri, in order to enhance joint cooperation between the two sides and the possibility of supporting the ICT sector in Yemen, and then signing a memorandum of understanding to enable the UAE to acquire communications in Yemen, as revealed by a decision of the Council of Ministers earlier this year
Over the past days, a delegation from the Government of Maeen Abdul Malik arrived in the UAE to sign a contract with the UAE company to manage the assets of Yemeni telecommunications companies in Aden and the governorates under the control of the Coalition and to operate communication and internet services, which raised the fears of Yemeni activists, as they were warned of the danger of this agreement on Yemen and its future repercussions, whether on Yemeni sovereignty or the security aspect
Activist Adel Al-Hasani called for stopping the deal, saying it was a disaster for which the country would pay for long years
This is not the first time that Israel has entered Yemen through the UAE, as media reports revealed that Israel had introduced communications devices and spying to the island of Socotra to spy on communications in Yemen
Activist Ahmed Fawzi raised the issue of timing in signing this agreement, saying that the UAE is trying to preempt any peace agreement in Yemen to control the telecommunications sector, and there is a plan being prepared to hand over the telecommunications sector, including Aden Net and local telecom companies, in favor of the joint Emirati-Israeli telecom company
Southern activists raised questions about the reasons for the UAE’s efforts to acquire telecommunications in Yemen, and why the telecommunications company in Yemen is being handed over to the UAE and not Saudi Arabia, which has previously offered to invest in this sector through STC company

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