Saudi Arabia unveils a new road map with Houthis

Saudi Arabia resumed on Monday, maneuvering over the peace file in Yemen.

This comes before the resumption of the new round of negotiations with Sana’a.

“Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni”:

The Saudi ambassador leaked new information about a “new road map” and the official Okaz Agency reported that the new road map is being built with what it described as “Houthis,” without revealing its contents.

The newspaper tried to portray what is going on as a Saudi attempt to bring the Yemeni parties closer. The Saudi leak comes before the expected return of Ambassador Al-Jaber to Sana’a to participate in the second round of direct negotiations, which is mediated by the Sultanate of Oman.

Saudi Arabia is trying to market itself as a mediator in order to evade the post-agreement benefits. This was rejected by Sana’a during the previous round, as it adheres to Riyadh as a party to the war.

Talking about a new map undermines the understandings that were reported to have been reached during the previous round in Sana’a, and it is an affirmation of Riyadh’s attempt to use the time to rearrange its ranks in southern and eastern Yemen.

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