This is what happens to Yemenis in Saudi jails

Expatriates from Yemen, both men and women, are subjected to harsh conditions in Saudi jails, according to Zayid Al-Riami, the deputy minister for expatriate affairs in the National Rescue Government in Sana’a. He explained several facts regarding this matter.

He continued that “the Saudi system started, during the war, to deport expatriates, and their number has reached 1.2 million cases since the beginning of the war on Yemen.” He stated that “more than 300 Yemeni female prisoners and expatriates are subjected to torture in Saudi prisons.

He pointed out that ‘since 2014, 89 Yemeni expatriates have been executed in Saudi Arabia, and one of the executed was innocent except that he had mercy on the martyr Qassem Soleimani.’ He also mentioned that ‘the Yemeni expatriate in Saudi Arabia has become haunted by the specter of detention and torture until death and has no relation to the war.

Granting visas to Yemeni expatriates has become expensive and requires large sums of money, and the violations that Yemeni expatriates face in Saudi Arabia are not faced by any other expatriate in any country in the world,” he said. In his words, “the violations of the Saudi system against expatriates began early in 1990 when they started imposing the sponsorship system, which is a system of slavery.

The Yemeni official pointed out in his closing remarks that Yemeni expatriates’ assets and funds are seized by the Saudi system without any legal or legitimate justification.

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