Filing a lawsuit with the United Nations regarding the arrest of four Yemeni citizens by Saudi authorities

A prominent Saudi dissident who lives abroad has confirmed that the UN received a memo about the issue of four Yemeni nationals who were detained by Saudi authorities in 2022.

Follow-up – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

Abdul Hakim Al-Dakhil, a Saudi opposition, tweeted: “A complaint has been submitted to the United Nations regarding the case of four Yemeni citizens who were arrested by Saudi authorities on April 23, 2022, in the Taif region of the south of the kingdom while they were on their way to perform Umrah in Mecca.”

Al-Dakhil made no mention of the entity that sent the memorandum to the UN or any other details on the identities of the four detainees.

A number of arrest campaigns have been conducted by Saudi authorities against several communities in the country, including the arrest of Palestinians and Jordanians on the pretext of supporting Palestinian resistance, as well as Egyptians from Nubia, Syrians, and Yemenis.

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