Socotra residents: UAE is responsible for the deterioration of the security and living conditions on the island

On Thursday, hundreds of Socotra Island residents took to the streets in protest of what they perceived as the United Arab Emirates’ monopoly on the island’s consumer market, which was driving up the cost of staple foodstuffs unreasonably.

Follow-up – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

Residents of the island, who came out in the city of Hadibo, issued a statement accusing the Emirati Khalifa Foundation of selling humanitarian aid sent by the United Nations and other organizations at excessive costs rather than giving it out for free.

The statement indicates that the foundation is involved in dubious intelligence activities. It has established four oil derivative stations and four new commercial malls to sell food supplies. The statement confirms that the foundation controls the prices of goods and exploits the conditions of citizens.

The UAE and its supported transitional factions were blamed by the demonstrators in Socotra and held them responsible for “the deterioration of security and living conditions in the province,” and they demanded expulsion it from the Yemeni island.

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