The Fisheries Ministry condemns aggression’s efforts to turn Yemen into a dumping ground for its toxic waste

Sana’a – Saba:

The Saudi-led coalition’s attempts to turn Yemen into a dumping ground for its toxic waste were denounced by the Ministry of Fisheries.

The ministry issued a warning against agreeing to any deal between the Saudi Nuclear Authority and the mercenary government to restrict nuclear radiation brought on by toxic waste, according to a statement obtained by the Yemeni News Agency (Saba). Also, it acknowledged that the impact of Saudi waste, which was buried and will be buried in desert and marine areas in Yemen, poses a serious threat to the ecosystem.

The statement also made note of the fact that hostile foreign ships continued to contaminate Yemeni coastlines by dumping their toxic and chemical waste. It was explained that the radiation that had lately been found in the Red Sea and the Arabian Sea was to blame for the demise of coral reefs and aquatic ecosystems along the coasts of the provinces of Aden, Abyan, Al-Mahrah, and Hadramout, as well as the killing of thousands of tons of fish.

The declaration drew attention to the fact that the Saudi regime, with the assistance of the United States, Israel, and the West, has turned Yemen into a testing ground for all prohibited weapons under international law, including cluster bombs, incendiary weapons, and nuclear weapons.

The Ministry of Fisheries affirmed that efforts to turn Yemen into a toxic waste dump constitute a crime against humanity and that the international community must act right away to put an end to them. It further emphasized the urgency of taking action to protect the environment and people from these toxic wastes.

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