Video| Global demonstrations in support of Gaza’s resilience and condemnation of the Israeli occupation’s crimes

Numerous capitals and cities around the world witnessed massive demonstrations and marches in solidarity with the Gaza Strip and condemnation of the Israeli occupation’s crimes in Gaza for the 22nd consecutive day, amidst Arab and international silence.

Follow-up / Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

These irate demonstrations and marches coincide with the Israeli occupation army’s announcement that it will be expanding its ground operations on the Gaza Strip’s borders while its aircraft continue to bomb residential homes and neighborhoods.

United Kingdom:
The British capital witnessed a massive demonstration in solidarity with Palestine and the Gaza Strip, denouncing Israeli aggression. Participants demanded an end to the war crimes committed by the Israeli occupation.

The demonstrators raised Palestinian flags and banners with pictures of children and women targeted by Israeli occupation aircraft.

In Paris, thousands took to the streets to show support for Gaza and solidarity with the Palestinian people, and a large force of French police attempted to prevent the protesters from leaving Place du Châtelet in the center of the French capital, Paris.

The demonstrators chanted, “Gaza, Gaza, Paris is with you,” “Humanity is being killed, Gaza’s children, Palestine’s children,” and “Israel is a killer.” The demonstrators accused President Emmanuel Macron of complicity with the Israeli occupation.

The capital of Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek, witnessed a supportive demonstration for the Gaza Strip and denounced Israeli attacks on the Strip. They raised banners with inscriptions such as “No to genocide,” “Freedom for Palestine,” and “Curse Israel.”

Today, Saturday, the non-governmental “Feminist Thought and Action” Association organized a women’s march in Pristina, the capital of Kosovo, in solidarity with the Palestinian people, where participants sang chants condemning the crimes committed by the occupation against the Palestinian people in Gaza.

Participants raised banners reading “Israel is a fascist state,” “50,000 pregnant women live under bombing,” and “bombing children is not legitimate self-defense.”

Demonstrators in the city of Rotterdam in the west of the Netherlands condemned the Israeli attacks on Gaza, which resulted in the killing of thousands of innocent civilians, including women and children.

The demonstrators chanted “Free, Free Palestine,” calling for an end to supporting the war and massacres happening in Gaza.

In Turkey, the Turkish Justice and Development Party organized massive demonstrations at Ataturk Airport in Istanbul and the capital, Ankara, in support of the Palestinian cause and in solidarity with the people of Gaza against the occupation’s crimes.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan delivered a speech at the demonstration, condemning the “massacres” committed by the Israeli occupation in Gaza and reaffirming that the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) is not a terrorist.

The demonstrators carried the Palestinian flag and banners in multiple languages, showing solidarity with Gaza and Palestine, and others denouncing the attacks on the occupying entity, while some of them wore headbands with the inscription, “We are all Palestinians.”

United States:
In the city of New York, hundreds of demonstrators demanding a ceasefire closed down Grand Central Station, one of the major transportation hubs in the city.

The transportation authority posted on its website, “Grand Central Station is closed until further notice,” and urged passengers to use alternative stations and expect increased travel time.

The U.S. police arrested several participants in the protest demonstration against the crimes committed by the occupation in Gaza. One of the protesters raised a sign that read, “Mourn the dead; fight forcefully for the living.”

South Korea:
Hundreds of people gathered in South Korea to demonstrate, denouncing the Israeli aggression and the crimes committed by the occupation army in Gaza. The participants raised Palestinian flags during the protest.

Hundreds of supporters of the Palestinian cause gathered in front of the Israeli consulate in Toronto, Canada, waving Palestinian flags, and some wore hats, symbolizing Palestine.

They condemned the stance of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, whom they claimed is biased towards the interests of the occupation entity and called for an end to the occupation.

Writer Yasser Al-Zaatra commented, saying, “From London to Istanbul to countless capitals and cities… for non-Palestine, it is difficult to gather all these crowds. It is the passion of Muslims’ hearts and the address of freedom for the free.

It is simply the land that Allah blessed for the worlds, as stated in His evident book.”

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