Occupation aircraft bomb the Jenin camp and wreak havoc on homes and streets

Today, Monday, Israeli occupation drones bombed various areas in the Jenin camp, inflicting damage on homes and streets.

Follow-ups – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

According to media sources, Israeli forces are still raiding the city of Jenin and its camp.

The sources reported that drones were launched in the skies of Jenin camp, and several rockets were fired at residential houses and streets, resulting in injuries to a number of civilians and destruction of properties.

They added that the drone strikes began in the early hours of dawn, with a missile hitting the Al-Quniri family’s house in the Hawashin neighborhood, injuring a young man with shrapnel and causing material damage to the house.

It is worth noting that four martyrs have been killed by Israeli forces attempting to forcefully invade the camp.

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