For the first time, American battleships absent from the Red Sea

For the first time since the new coalition to protect Israel was announced, American forces were officially absent from the Red Sea events on Wednesday. What are the dimensions of this step and its consequences?

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

The American presence was limited in the recent operation carried out by Sana’a forces, which thwarted an attempt to break the maritime blockade on Israel. The US Central Command issued a statement referring to the fact that it had monitored two ballistic missile attacks by what it described as the “Houthis” in the southern Red Sea.

Despite having several battleships nearby in the area, this is the first time that the US command has not mentioned the dispatch of battleships for assistance or the interception of missiles as usual.

It is not yet clear whether the American absence is due to concerns about attacks targeting American battleships at sea or for other reasons. However, it puts an end to any aspirations of shipping companies associated with Israel to resume their operations to Israeli ports through the Red Sea, notably the Danish shipping company Maersk, which had announced the resumption of its activity in the Red Sea following the announcement by the US Secretary of Defense from Tel Aviv of the “Guardian of Prosperity” alliance.

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