Ansar Allah leader reviews American and British failure in confronting Yemeni operations

On Thursday, Ansar Allah leader, Abdul-Malik Al-Houthi highlighted the American and British failure in their attempts to counter Yemeni operations supporting Gaza in the Red and Arabian Seas, and the Indian Ocean, affirming that the US Navy has not experienced “this level of humiliation since the 19th century, according to the testimony of an American officer.”

Sana’a – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

In his weekly speech addressing the latest developments in the battle and the situation in Gaza, Al-Houthi addressed the Americans saying, “Go back a little to history and remember what happened to you in Vietnam, Iraq, and other countries,” adding, “You are in a bigger predicament in this battle, and your losses are significant while you sacrifice your people’s interests in service of the Zionists.”

He continued his address to the Americans, saying, “You are suffering damages that you will not be able to compensate for generations, and if you persist, the consequences will be worse, bigger, and more dangerous,” adding, “You will inherit disappointment, defeat, and failure from Britain, and British pampering is a sign of disappointments and defeats and failures.”

He emphasized that “your protégé Israel, which you planted in our region, here its army is currently exposed to a historical scandal,” pointing out that “the US Navy has not reached this level of humiliation since the 19th century, according to the testimony of an American officer.”

In the same context, the Ansar Allah leader stated that “Britain is in a very bad position, and it presents itself as a subservient follower of the Americans and a hand of the Zionists who drive it,” pointing out that British naval commanders admit “facing missiles launched from Yemen at a speed three times the speed of sound,” and they implicitly admit “their inability to shoot down or prevent their arrival.”

He mentioned what was said by the commander of a British destroyer that “the Yemenis are currently using more advanced and lethal weapons in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden,” and the statements of leaders in the US Navy that “one of the destroyers faced a deadly attack by a large number of drones.”

The leaders in the British Navy describe the pace of operations in the Red Sea as challenging and the levels of concentration as exhausting, according to Al-Houthi, who reaffirmed that “the Americans are heading to continue the aggression against our country, and their attacks this week amounted to 13 raids and naval bombardments.”

Regarding the American-British aggression on Yemen due to Sana’a’s support for Gaza, Abdul-Malik Al-Houthi said, “The enemy’s attacks this week, like its previous ones, is a failure and can’t limit the capabilities of our armed forces or affect our decision to support the Palestinian people.”

He reaffirmed that “the aggression against our country will only contribute, as enemies do not want, to the development of our military capabilities.”

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