Yemeni forces reveal details of military operations targeting occupied territories and a ship violating the embargo in the Red Sea

The Yemeni forces announced on Wednesday the execution of military operations, including two joint operations with the Islamic Resistance in Iraq and another operation targeting the “TUTOR” ship in the Red Sea.

Exclusive follow-up – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

The spokesman for the Yemeni forces, Brigadier General Yahya Saree, clarified that two joint military operations were carried out with the Islamic Resistance in Iraq. The first operation targeted a vital target in the city of Ashdod, and the second operation targeted an important target in the city of Haifa.

In the same statement, he added that a qualitative military operation was conducted targeting the “TUTOR” ship in the Red Sea due to the owner company’s violation of the decision to ban entry to the ports of occupied Palestine.

Saree confirmed that the ship was targeted by a drone boat, a number of drones, and ballistic missiles, resulting in severe damage to the ship and making it vulnerable to sinking.

Brigadier General Saree warned all companies against dealing with the Israeli enemy and allowing their ships to reach the ports of occupied Palestine; otherwise, they will be targeted in the area of operations of the armed forces, according to what was stated in previous statements.

He emphasized that the Yemeni armed forces, with the help of Allah Almighty, continue to carry out their military operations in support of the oppressed Palestinian people until the aggression ceases and the blockade is lifted from the people of Gaza.

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