Al-Houthi warns Saudi Arabia: Our audacity is clear towards the American and war is nothing new to us

The leader of the Ansar Allah movement, Abdul-Malik Al-Houthi, issued a warning to the Saudi regime on Thursday not to get involved against our country because we are in a war, and it is nothing new to us, and we are suffering greatly due to years of aggression. This was in reference to his involvement in the recent economic escalation represented by the decisions of the Aden Bank.

Sana’a – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

In his weekly speech, Al-Houthi affirmed that “we will not accept an equation where our people are suffocated and starved, while others harm them and enjoy comfort and prosperity without any harm coming to them,” adding that “our audacity is clear in our rightful stance, even towards America, which you make a God to whom you bow down to and submit to.”

The leader of Ansar Allah stated that “we do not have any hostile intentions towards any Arab country, but we will not accept any Arab regime causing harm to our people in service of Israel and obedience to America.” He emphasized that “any Saudi position against our people at this time is definitely serving the Israeli enemy and supporting it in obedience to America.”

He addressed Saudi Arabia, saying, “What drives you to prioritize befriending Israel, turning the tragedy of Gaza into a normalization deal, and then turning hostile against the Yemeni people?” He considered that “befriending Israel is not in your interest or the interest of your people, but rather a service that harms you and disgraces you.”

Aden Bank, in the government loyal to the Saudi coalition, has taken escalatory steps against the Yemeni economy based on directives from America and Britain, with the aim of harming the Yemeni economy and attempting to dissuade Sana’a from continuing its support for Gaza.

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