A new operation in the Red Sea

The Red Sea witnessed a new operation on Thursday by Yemeni forces, marking the second operation within hours and the third since Wednesday evening.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

The British Commercial Operations Authority reported in a recent statement that it received information about a new attack on a commercial ship approximately 80 nautical miles west of the city of Hudaydah.

The authority did not provide further details about the ship or the condition of its crew.

The new attack comes just hours after a similar operation in the Gulf of Aden, where Ambrey, the British maritime security company, reported the targeting of a commercial ship with a ballistic missile and the crew sending a distress call.

The Hudaydah attack is the third in the last 24 hours, as the US forces previously revealed the targeting of a Greek cargo ship with a drone boat.

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