In one month… Sana’a forces unveil four new weapons

The month of June witnessed the unveiling of four new advanced weapons that entered the battle to support Gaza and confront the US-British alliance and the Israeli enemy entity. These weapons reflect the technological and military progress achieved by Sana’a forces, enhancing their ability to defend Palestine and Yemen.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

1. “Hatem 2” supersonic missile:

On June 26, 2024, Sana’a forces unveiled the “Hatem 2” ballistic supersonic missile, which targeted the Israeli ship (MSC SARAH V) in the Arabian Sea. This missile is produced by the Yemeni Military Manufacturing Authority and is characterized by the following features:

– Solid Fuel: The missile operates on solid fuel, providing it with high endurance and speed.
– Intelligent Guidance System: Equipped with an intelligent guidance system that allows for maneuverability and precise targeting.
– Range: The missile has multiple generations with different ranges, enabling it to reach distant targets.

Sana’a’s war media showed footage of the missile’s launch on the Israeli ship, demonstrating the accuracy of the strike and advanced technology.

Sana’a forces affirmed that this unveiling and operation are part of enhancing their military capabilities to support the Palestinian resistance and defend Yemen.

2. “Towfan 1” destroyer boat:

On June 21, 2024, Sana’a forces unveiled the “Towfan 1” unmanned destroyer boat, which represents a qualitative addition to the naval forces due to its immense combat capabilities. The boat is distinguished by the following:

– Payload: It carries 150 kilograms of explosives, capable of causing significant explosions and massive destruction to maritime targets.
– Speed: The boat reaches a speed of 35 nautical miles per hour, allowing it to swiftly and accurately reach its targets.
– Maneuverability: It possesses high maneuverability, making it difficult to detect and intercept by the enemy.

The boat is specifically used to target nearby maritime objectives, whether stationary or moving, and can attack warships and maritime installations.

“Towfan 1” is a significant step in the local weapons industry and enhances the naval capabilities of the Yemeni armed forces.

3. Palestine ballistic missile:

On June 5, 2024, Sana’a forces showcased, for the first time, footage of the launch of the Yemeni-made “Palestine” ballistic missile, which targeted an Israeli military target in the Umm Al-Rashrash area in southern occupied Palestine. This missile is characterized by the following:

– Accuracy: It possesses high accuracy in hitting targets, enhancing its effectiveness as a ballistic missile.
– Range: Capable of reaching distant targets, making it a strategic weapon against the enemy.

4. The “Destructive Towfan Boat”:

Today, Sana’a forces unveiled a new war boat named the “Destructive Towfan,” which was used on June 23 to target the TRANSWORLD NAVIGATOR ship for violating the decision to ban the passage of ships associated with the Israeli enemy.

According to a statement by Sana’a forces, the locally manufactured unmanned war boat “Destructive Towfan” has “high destructive capability and carries a warhead weighing 1000–1500 kilograms.”

The statement indicated that “Destructive Towfan” is equipped with advanced technology and has both manual and remote control. Its speed reaches 45 nautical miles per hour, and it operates in all maritime conditions.

What does the unveiling of these four weapons mean?

The unveiling of these four weapons reflects the technological and military progress achieved by Sanaa forces as part of a comprehensive strategy aimed at confronting the US-British alliance and the Israeli enemy entity. It reaffirms Yemen’s commitment to supporting the Palestinian resistance and enhancing its defense capabilities.

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