How did the US react to Yemen’s new weapons?

The US expressed a new shock on Sunday when the Yemeni forces unveiled their latest military industry, which featured unexpected technologies even for the Americans themselves, who have been engaged in fierce battles by air and sea since last January. So, how did American circles react to this new development in Yemen?

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

Just hours after the Yemeni forces released a new video of the latest unmanned war boats, known as the “Destructive Towfan,” America rushed to activate the Chinese and Russian scarecrow once again, using it as a pretext for its crushing defeat in Yemen.

Since the first moments of the new Yemen announcement, which is the second within days, the American media machine, quoting officials, has not stopped spreading new allegations about Russia and China’s decision to support Yemen with missiles and advanced technologies.

The latest of these allegations was published by the “Middle East Eye” website, quoting an American official who claimed that Russian President Vladimir Putin proposed supplying what he described as “Houthis” with anti-ship missiles after his visit to Saudi Arabia and the UAE in December last year. These American leaks are part of an escalating campaign that has intensified in recent months of the confrontations in the Red Sea and the failure of American forces to halt Yemeni operations against ships associated with the Israeli occupation, not to mention their decision to expand their operations beyond Yemen’s regional borders, reaching the Mediterranean Sea.

For years, the US has been promoting the Iranian scarecrow in Yemen by linking the defensive Yemeni operations on the ground to an Iranian nature, despite the Yemeni leadership’s confirmation that everything happening is developed with local expertise. However, now that Yemen has become one of the major countries that has been a nightmare for Americans, Washington’s acknowledgment of the new reality taking shape in the region and perhaps the entire Middle East is becoming more difficult day after day. Ultimately, America, the country that has been flogging the world from east to west and spreading its wars and corruption around its continents, will not accept being told that it has been defeated by the fighters of a country that has been subjected to war and siege for over nine years and against which the world’s various technologies, weapons, and mercenaries have been recruited.

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