Famine kills Gazans, and 49 children

Famine kills Gazans as Israeli blockade continues and food and health aid is prevented from entering the Strip.

Residents of the northern Gaza Strip complain about the lack of food and water and the constant interruption of medicines, which cause many patients and children to lose their lives.

All this is happening in front of an international community that has been divided between accomplices with the occupation and those unable to do anything, which prompted the state media in Gaza to warn of the increasing number of children and infants dying from malnutrition as a result of famin spread in the northern Gaza Strip, pointing out that relief attempts to dropping aid by airing aid have failed, and did not contribute to alleviating the tragedy.

The Euro-Med Monitor announced in a statement the registration of about forty-nine deaths among children in the Gaza Strip due to hunger and food insecurity, while three thousand five hundred children face the risk of death due to malnutrition and lack of nutritional supplements and vaccinations.

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