Al-Houthi: We targeted 162 ships and continue to develop capabilities to overcome enemy techniques

Abdul-Malik Al-Houthi, the leader of the Ansar Allah movement, stated on Thursday that Yemeni support operations have reached 12 operations this week as part of the fourth phase of escalation, confirming that the total number of targeted ships to date has reached 162.

Sana’a – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

Al-Houthi pointed out in his weekly speech, dedicated to discussing the latest developments in Gaza, that Yemeni operations this week were carried out using “20 ballistic and winged missiles, drones, and boats along the theater of maritime operations.”

He explained that Yemeni forces targeted six ships during this week, affirming that “our army and people are steadfast, and the development of capabilities continues, by the grace of God, to overcome enemy techniques and limit them.”

The leader of Ansar Allah also mentioned that “the American battle to halt the operations of the Yemeni army at sea was not an easy or simple process,” adding that “the American is accustomed to resolving his battles, stopping any party with his threats, or imposing sanctions and measures.”

Al-Houthi emphasized that the Yemeni forces, along with the people, “are steadfast, and the development of capabilities continues to overcome enemy techniques and limit them,” indicating the ongoing pace of manufacturing in line with the developments in the battle to support Gaza.

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