Coalition Warplanes Launch 13 Airstrikes on Marib

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Saudi-led coalition warplanes on Monday launched 13 strikes on Marib province, a security official Said.

The official explained that the 13 airstrikes were waged on Serwah district.

The Saudi-backed forces in Hodeida province committed 139 violations of the Sweden agreement over the past 24 hours, the Sana’a-based operations room to monitor the violations said on Monday.

The violations included the coalition spy planes’ dropping bombs on Al-Faza area and Al-Durayhimi district, and the flight of 21 spy aircraft in the airspace of Hays, Al-Tuhita, Al-Durayhimi, Al-Faza and Al-Jah areas, according to a source at the operations room.

The violations also included 14 violations by artillery shelling and 100 violations with various bullets.

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