Three Citizens Killed in Sana’a, 48 Saudi-led Airstrikes within 48 Hours

At least three citizens were killed on Sunday morning as a result of Saudi-led coalition’s airstrikes on a mosque in Ma’een district in the capital Sana’a.

A security source in Sana’a government said that the coalition fighter jets launched two raids on Sawad Asr area in the Ma’een district, which led to the killing of three citizens, the destruction of a mosque and damage to a number of nearby homes and schools.

The source strongly condemned the continuation of the Saudi coalition to target residential neighborhoods in the capital Sana’a and to commit crimes against citizens, in full view of the international community.

He stressed that “the targeting of residential neighborhoods, mosques and schools are war crimes that will not be subject to a statute of limitations and the perpetrators will be prosecuted.”

The Saudi-led coalition’s fighter jets launched on Sunday 20 air strikes on various areas in Marib and Jawf provinces, security sources said.

The sources declared that coalition warplanes waged 10 raids on Al-Balq area of Al-Wadi district, six ones hit Serwah district and two ones attacked Al-Jouba and Hareeb districts of Marib province, while two strikes targeted Al-Maraziq and Al-Dhahra areas of Khub Washaaf district in Jawf province.

The coalition warplanes on Saturday launched 28 raids on Shabwa and Marib provinces, a security official said.

The official added the coalition’s warplanes waged 19 raids on Usaylan district of Shabwa province.

He said the warplanes hit al-Balaq area in al-Wadi district with 6 raids and targeted Serwah and al-Joba districts with three raids.

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