Al-Alimi Threatens to Dissolve STC Forces

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Rashad al-Alimi, head of Riyadh-backed Presidential Council has responded to the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC)’s show off its forces and its siege imposed by its supporters on al- Al-Ma’ashiq Palace in the city of Aden, southern Yemen, who refuse to celebrate Unity Day.

“The unification of the military and security establishment will continue, under the Riyadh agreement, and the declaration of the transfer of power, through a military and security committee will be announced in the next few days,” al-Alimi said in a speech marking the anniversary of Yemen’s Unity.

The STC is desperately trying to hinder the integration of its formations with forces loyal to the Islah Party in the ministries of defense and interior in the pro-coalition government, as this means stripping it of the force and turning it into a political entity.

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