Salafists Leader Assigned with “Terrorism” File, US Ambassador Distributes Tasks Among Presidential Members

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US ambassador to Yemen, Stephen Fagin, began on Monday his mission to distribute files to members of Presidential Council. The pro-coalition authority in southern Yemen. This coincides with the failure of efforts to pass a new draft constitution to organize the council’s bodies and work.

Exclusive-Alkhabar Alyemeni:

During the past few days, Fagin met with a number of “presidential” members, who are currently residing in the Saudi capital, where he met with Babu Zara’a al-Muharrami, the leader of the Salafist factions close to al-Qaeda and ISIS, known as “The Giants”.

The discussion between the two sides focused on “fighting terrorism,” according to what was reported by official media in Maeen government.

He also met with Othman Majali and the discussion tackled about negotiations with what he described as “Houthis.

He is expected to meet with the rest of the council members. According to diplomatic sources, within the framework of an American plan to organize the work of the Council, which suffers from conflicts due to the overlapping tasks of its members,

He failed to discuss the draft business regulation law prepared by a legal committee, and the transitional rejected it, because it was “Northern”.

The ambassador’s meeting with the presidential members separately, despite their presence in the same hotel in Riyadh, sparked an argument about the mission the ambassador is trying to draw for each member. America’s handing over of the anti-terror file to “Al-Maharami”, who is known to be close to the leaders of Al-Qaeda, raised widespread doubts about American goal in feeding terrorist organizations and re-exporting them to the scene in Yemen. Especially since the new step coincided with American efforts to enhance its military presence in the oil crescent of Yemen by building bases and concluding secret deals related to increasing oil and gas production to strengthen the American market, which is suffering due to the sanctions on Russian energy.

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