Islah Seizes the South’s Share in the Yemeni Peace Negotiations

Islah party officially acquired on Tuesday, the quota of representation for the south in the upcoming peace negotiations, in a move that may provoke more resentment against the Transitional Council, member of the Presidential Council, and advocate for the representation of the south.

Fouad Rashid, head of the Southern Movement affiliated with Riyadh, revealed the names of the presidential negotiating council delegation. According to Rashid, the delegation includes eight members, most of whom affiliated with Islah.

The south is represented in the delegation by the current foreign minister in the government of Maeen Ahmed Awad bin Mubarak and a member of Islah parliamentary bloc, Ali Ashal, along with the only representative of the Transitional Council, Abdul Rahman Sheikh, while the rest of the delegation members belong to the northern and eastern provinces.

Rashid had earlier warned of what he described as a dangerous scheme run by the Presidential Council, including its southern members, to eliminate the southern issue.

The formation of the delegation is a blow to the transitional, who fought a bitter struggle with other southern powers in an attempt to represent the south alone. The move would also incite more opponents of excluding the south from STC.