Aden Gov’t Reveals Arrangements for Evacuation of Al-Alimi from Aden

The coalition-backed government in Aden revealed arrangements for evacuating the head of the Presidential Council, Rashad al-Alimi, from the city.

This comes amid escalating tension and fears of an explosion in the situation, with his arrangement of new decisions targeting the transitional council with a Saudi light.

Muhammad Mahdi, advisor to the Minister of Information in Aden’s government, said in a tweet on his official page on social media that Al-Alimi is preparing to issue a package of decisions before his departure to Germany.

The disclosure of Al-Alimi’s departure arrangements came only a day after his arrival in the city. This indicates to the escalation of fears on his life, especially in light of the indications to the explosion of the situation in the city, with Al-Alimi’s decision to form a force affiliated with him under the name “Shield of the Nation.” and handing over the tasks of securing Aden to Abu Zaraa Al-Muharami instead of Aidarous Al-Zubaidi.

It is expected that the expected decisions will include the dismissal of the transitional governor in Aden, Ahmed Lamlas, and the expulsion of his factions from the city, in addition to decisions related to changes in the government of Aden.

The expected decisions would detonate the tense situation in the city, in light of STC’s threats to storm Al-Ma’ashiq, according to what was reported by journalist Salah bin Laghbar.

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