Islah Party and GPC Reject to Form New Government with 50 Ministers Headed by STC

Rashad al-Alimi, head of the Presidency Council’s authority, widened the divisions among the forces loyal to the coalition in southern Yemen by issuing secret decisions that included the government, military and diplomatic leaders.

Exclusive-alkhabar alyemeni:

Islah Party, the most prominent of the pro-coalition forces, rejected Al-Alimi’s decision to promote members of the Consultation and Reconciliation Commission.

The party’s media outlets reported statements by leaders who consider this step a violation to the constitution and vow to overthrow it. On the other hand, Sultan Al-Barakani, the leader of one of the Popular Congress factions and the speaker of the parliament loyal to the coalition, revealed his dissatisfaction with these steps.

Al-Alimi had issued a series of secret decisions, most notably those revealed by Aden-based Al-Ayyam newspaper, which included the issuance of directives to promote the head of the Reconciliation and Consultation Commission, Muhammad al-Ghaithi, who is affiliated with the transitional government with the rank of prime minister and the 50 members of the commission with the rank of acting minister.

It is not clear yet whether Al-Alimi’s decision aims to transfer government powers to the authority in which the powers of AlBarakani Parliament had previously been transferred, or to ensure the payment of two salaries for each member, one in foreign currencies and the other in Yemeni riyals, however, these decisions, according to Islah-affiliated media, are part of a series of 50 decisions issued by Al-Alimi, only two of which were published in the official media.

“Mareb Press” website quoted unnamed sources as saying that the decisions included changes at the military and diplomatic level, including the dismissal of ambassadors affiliated with the party and their replacement with others affiliated with STC and al-Alimi.

Leaders in the party, most notably Saif Al-Hadhari, advisor to Ali Mohsen, revealed that the most prominent of these decisions was the appointment of Muammar Al-Eryani as ambassador to Riyadh instead of the current ambassador affiliated with Ali Mohsen. As well as the appointment of Anis Baharitha, director of PM Maeen office, as ambassador to Jordan, in place of Ali Al-Omrani, who is affiliated with Islah party.

Islah fears that the scope of decisions will expand during the coming period to target what remains of its influence

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