US Confirmation on Establishing Two Bases in Yemen

United States confirmed on Saturday, the deployment of military bases in Yemen, in the first recognition of its kind. This comes in the wake of an unprecedented movement in this file.

Exclusive- Alkhabar alyemeni:

The Saudi government-affiliated Al-Hadath channel quoted on the US Department of Defense as saying that Washington maintains two CIA bases in eastern Yemen, noting that one of them is stationed in the city of Mukalla in Hadhramaut.

The sources did not reveal the base, which is likely to be in Al-Anad, southern Yemen.

Pentagon tried to justify its existence by “fighting terrorism.”

During the past few days, the United States has intensified its movement in the file of “terrorism” in Yemen.

Counter-terrorism officials in the US State Department, as well as the envoy of the International Coalition to Defeat ISIS, held meetings with the Minister of Interior in Aden government, Ibrahim Haydan, after similar meetings with US ambassador and the military attaché at Washington embassy.

It is not clear yet what motivated the Saudi to leak about the American bases, and whether it was an indirect call to Al Qaeda, which admitted two days ago to the killing of two of its leaders in a US raid in Marib weeks ago, to take revenge by attacking the US base, or within the conflict of interests between Riyadh and Washington, but its timing indicates to the differences widening between the two allies in the war on Yemen.

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