Sana’a Announces Success of Prisoner Exchange Operation with “Al-Qaeda”

The Prisoners Committee in Sana’a announced, on Sunday, the success of a prisoner exchange operation during the past days, with the “Al-Qaeda” organization, which is fighting on the side of the coalition in the war on Yemen.

The head of the committee, Abd al-Qadir al-Murtada, stated that an exchange process took place with the factions fighting with the coalition, “the so-called al-Qaeda organization on the Shabwa front,” noting that three Sana’a prisoners were released in exchange for two al-Qaeda prisoners who were captured on the al-Bayda fronts.

Al-Murtada stressed that this operation and other facts “confirm what we always say that the so-called Al-Qaeda organization is an essential part of the “US-Saudi aggression coalition” and its participation with them on most of the fighting fronts.”

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