Bin Aziz Seizes about Two Billion YR from Salaries of “Islah” Troops in Marib

Sagheer bin Aziz, Chief of Staff of Aden’s forces, suspended the salaries of the Islah factions in three military regions in Marib province, east of Yemen.

Exclusive-Alkhabar alyemeni:

This comes after he transferred the salaries to an unknown destination.

Officers in the Islah factions in Marib revealed that the decision to suspend salaries issued by Bin Aziz targets the third, seventh and sixth military regions.

The officers accused Bin Aziz of trying to loot the salaries in case Sana’a and Riyadh agreed.

The central bank in Marib had leaked a check that was disbursed in the amount of one billion and 700 million riyals based on the directives of Bin Aziz.

These huge sums were spent under the custody of a close associate of Bin Aziz called Tariq Muhammad Saad al-Din.

It was not known to whom these huge sums were transferred and how to get it out, although it is the first time that sums of this size have been withdrawn from the central in Marib and only in the custody of a person.

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