Informed Source Reveals Scenes of Geneva Discussions Regarding Prisoners’ File

Informed sources revealed the scenes of the discussions currently taking place between the delegations of Sana’a government and the Saudi-Emirati coalition and the government loyal to it, in the Swiss political capital, Geneva, regarding the prisoner file.

The source explained that the sixth round began with a discussion of what was reached regarding the prisoners’ file in the sixth round in Amman, and reviewing and correcting the lists, according to his statement to Al Masirah TV.

He indicated that a delegation from the other party, including three Saudis and a number of representatives of Aden government, arrived on Friday. Pointing out that “it is scheduled to exchange new lists to try to raise the agreed numbers, and to discuss the rest of the lists in the hope that the agreement will be implemented as it is supposed to.”

The United Nations officially announced on Saturday, the launch of the seventh round of prisoner negotiations between the Yemeni parties. This tour is a continuation of previous tours. He expressed his hope that the Yemeni parties would fulfill what they agreed upon regarding the release of detainees.

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