Sana’a Refers Seven Cases of Corruption to Public Prosecution

Supreme National Authority for Combating Corruption (SANCC) of Sana’a government referred seven suspects in the case of appropriation and facilitation of appropriation of public money and harming the interest of the state to the Public Prosecution.

In its meeting on Monday headed by the President of the Authority, Judge Mujahid Ahmed Abdullah, approved the results of the investigation in those corruption cases and decided to hand over the cases to the Public Prosecution office.

According to Sana’a-based, Saba news agency ,the damage amounted to 14 million 110 thousand and 300 dollars, in addition to an amount of 620 million 560 thousand 719 riyals, tax evasion amounting to 636 thousand 656 dollars, and 19 million 516 thousand and 538 riyals.

The Authority also decided to take the necessary precautionary measures to trace the seized funds and refer the accused to the Public Prosecution.

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