After the American navy, the British navy reviews the graveyard of battleships in the Red Sea

On Tuesday, Britain continued to showcase the hell that battleships are subjected to in the Red Sea.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

A few days after hosting the leaders of the American fleet, the British BBC channel dedicated extensive coverage to the commanders of the British battleships stationed in the Red Sea.

The channel hosted the commander of the renowned British destroyer HMS Diamond, which has been subjected to several attacks and maintenance. Captain Pete Evans unveiled the horror faced by the British Navy in the Red Sea.

One of the highlights of Evans’ statements was the evolution of Yemeni attack strategies, ranging from drones to supersonic missiles, which have significantly burdened British battleships. He emphasized that these strategies impede their ability to counter the attacks due to the lack of time to intercept missiles and aircraft.

Evans’ remarks complemented the statements made by the commander of the American fleet in the Red Sea, Admiral Dave Ward, who was also hosted by the same channel seven days ago. He acknowledged facing the greatest challenge in history, referring to the Yemeni attacks.

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