An important comment from Ansar Allah regarding negotiations with the coalition countries

Hizam Al-Assad, a member of Ansar Allah’s Political Bureau, affirmed that the Yemeni negotiations with the coalition countries are ongoing despite the presence of obstacles represented by the threat from the US to halt the political process in Yemen and stop resolving the humanitarian issues of the Yemeni people.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

Al-Assad stated in exclusive remarks, “The process continues in the Yemeni negotiations with the coalition countries, led by Saudi Arabia, despite some obstacles, especially after the threat from the US to halt the political process in Yemen and suspend the resolution of humanitarian issues for the Yemeni people, particularly regarding the prisoners, the opening of ports, airports, roads, and salary payments.”

Regarding the recent announcement by the pro-coalition government to suspend the implementation of the UN roadmap, Assad clarified that they are not a party to any negotiating process between Yemen and the coalition. There may be other stages they enter after resolving the humanitarian issues and completing the roadmap, which has become a consensus between Yemen and the coalition.”

Al-Assad confirmed that “Yemen’s involvement as a key party in supporting the people of Gaza is due to the resilience of the Yemeni people and the wisdom of their leadership, breaking free from the situation that the coalition attempted to impose by stripping the country of its vibrant national forces.”

He pointed out that “the Yemeni people have overcome threats and turned them into opportunities, and they have been able to develop themselves in the path of military capabilities, that helped the Yemeni people support their brothers in Gaza.”

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