Ansar Allah Leader: America received a major slap with the arrest of its most dangerous spy cell in the history of Yemen

Abdul-Malik Al-Houthi, the leader of the Ansar Allah movement, stated on Thursday that “America has received a major slap, by the grace of Allah, with the uncovering and dismantling of its most dangerous spy cell in the history of Yemen by the security services.” He called on the Yemeni people to “focus these days on the issue of the American spy cell, which is a confirmed case containing thousands of damning and outrageous documents.”

Sana’a – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

In his weekly speech, Al-Houthi pointed out that “the spy network was operating according to American directives, gathering information across various sectors, including ministries and administrative units in the country.” The American agenda aimed to impose its hostile policies and influence economic, educational, security, service, political, media, and cultural domains.

He explained that the spy cell had been operating for years and had achieved extremely serious successes that caused great harm to our noble people, as the Americans worked to obstruct any successful direction or plans in Yemen by exerting negative influence on the country’s plans, decisions, and orientations.

The leader of Ansar Allah considered that the failure witnessed by our people in official performance was due in a fundamental part to the penetration of the spy cell, pointing out that “the Americans did not respect the system in Sana’a before the September 21 revolution, despite their relentless efforts and every possible endeavor to establish a strong relationship with them.”

The regime in Sana’a at that time sought to serve the Americans, but they worked to infiltrate it, violate its sovereignty, harm it, and thwart it,” according to Al-Houthi, who added that “the regime in Sana’a before the September 21 revolution opened all doors to the Americans, and they moved to harm the Yemeni people.”

Al-Houthi called on those he described as “deceived by the Americans” to benefit from “the confessions and documents related to the spy cell.” He added that “it is noteworthy that the Americans were observed recruiting spies and involving the Israeli enemy in their intelligence activities, which is a strategy they employ in Arab and Islamic countries.”

The leader of Ansar Allah affirmed that “it is important for our people, as well as all the peoples of our Arab and Islamic nation, and everyone else, to benefit from the revealed facts about what the American spy network has done,” pointing out that “the Americans target nations in their economies, agriculture, education, health, and all fields because they have a hostile, criminal, and unjust orientation.”

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