American Warning to Saudi Arabia

The United States issued on Saturday, a warning to Saudi Arabia, and this comes in the wake of the agreement with Iran. Exclusive-Alkhabar alyemeni: US media reported that the White House issued a warning to Riyadh of the consequences of what...

Targeting Ships in Arabian Sea Escalated

The speed of targeting commercial ships in the Arabian Sea escalated, with the discovery of three new operations. This comes in light of an international race to dominate the strategic region there. In a report, Britain revealed that three ships, one...

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إمساكية رمضان 2023

امساكية شهر رمضان الكريم في صنعاء وعدن وحضرموت والمهرة متابعات- الخبر اليمني : صنعاء عدن حضرموت المهرة الفجر 04:44 04:43 04:25 04:12 الشروق 05.08 06:56 05:39 05:26 الظهر 12:07 12:04 11:47 11:35 العصر 03:25 03:18 03:05 02:55 المغرب 06:16 06:12 05:56 05:44 العشاء 07:46 07:42 07:26 07:14