Extremists’ bombs international organization headquarter in southern Yemen

Radical groups on Saturday exploded in Al-Dhalea governorate south of Yemen, the headquarters of an international organization a day after being accused of publishing “vice”. Local sources in the city that under the management of the Southern Transitional Council, which is support by the Emirates, “After midnight, gunmen planted the bomb in the headquarter of a French organization known as “ACTED”, then blown up at a later time”.

On Friday, mosque preachers in al-Dali ‘governorate carried out an incitement attack on the organization, accusing it, of spreading “prostitution.”

The educationalist, Abdul Raqeeb Al-Jaadi, held the mosque preachers responsible for the explosion, and accused them of incitement.

Al-Jadi said in a press statement that the incitement against the organization was not a matter of “jealousy on women”, but rather because they did not obtain a job with the organization.

The organization, which operates under the banner of supporting poor families, has already changed its name before from the Technical Cooperation Agency, to ACTED.

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