New statistic for victims of coalition war in Yemen

The ministry of human rights in the rescue Government in Sanaa, issued a recent report marking the 1700th day of war in Yemen, It stated that the total number of dead civilians and injured as a result of direct coalition .military operations exceeds today 43,34

The report stated that among the victims, more than 9,835 civilians were permanently disabled, and different among them 800 children. The report indicated that the number of civilian casualties due to the coalition is indirect military operations, it reached to 476,197 civilians.

He also pointed out that 80,000 children suffer from multiple psychological and neurological conditions, as a result of five years of direct coalition bombing of their families ’homes and gatherings, while “twenty-four million one hundred thousand people are in urgent need of assistance (food, health, water, shelter and education).

 The report mentioned that more than 70 thousand are stuck abroad. They were not allowed to enter as a result of the coalition imposing a ban on flights to and from Sana’a airport. While there are more than 340,000 citizens who desperately need to travel abroad to receive treatment, and they could not because of this ban.

 According to the report, more than 8,000 families are inside the besieged Ad Durayhimi district, south of Hodeida Governorate, in West Red Sea needs the necessary food and drug supplies. The report also pointed to “the rise of poverty rate to 85%, and high unemployment rate to more than 65%.”

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