Mahra Sit-In Reveals More Scandals of Aden Government

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Al- Mahra sit-in committee on Wednesday accused Rashad Al-Alimi, president of Aden’s “Presidential Council,” and Moein Abdulmalik, prime minister in the “government” loyal to Saudi-led coalition, of selling Mahra’s ports and lands to the coalition countries.

The sit-in committee spokesman, Ali Mubarak bin Mahamed, confirmed that Al-Alimi, Moein Abdulmalik, and officials loyal to the coalition, signed long-term agreements to lease the strategic port of Qishn and other agreements that were described as a disaster for the Yemeni people.

Bin Mahamed said in press statements: “The government of Moien Abdulmalik worked to destroy the country’s economy.”

He added that the pro-coalition government had obstructed the implementation of all development projects by preventing local authorities from financing and implementing service projects for citizens.

Bin Mahamed explained that Mahra did not see any good from the “government or the Presidential Council,” other than trying to plunge it into chaos in order to achieve external ambitions in the eastern province of Yemen by tearing the social fabric.

He stressed that the people of Mahra stand as a bulwark against the “occupation” projects.

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