Marib: US Airstrike Killed Two Military Leaders of Al-Qaeda

Al-Qaeda organization in “the Arabian Peninsula” has admitted the death of two of its members, one of them a prominent leader, who was killed in an airstrike targeted them in Marib province, eastern Yemen.

Al-Qaeda organization published a video statement last Thursday showing two photos of two elements, one named “Hussein hadboul “and known as” Hassan al-Hadrami “and the other” Musa hadboul“, who were assassinated along with two other people by an airstrike carried out by a US drone while inside a car near a gas station in Samada town of Wadi Obaida, east of Marib.

The “Yemeni Press Agency” had revealed on 30th of last January the news that an American drone targeted al-Qaeda leaders in Samada area.

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