Oil Companies Refuse to Re-produce Gas without Agreement with Sana’a

Masila Petroleum Exploration and Production Company (PetroMasila) announced its refusal to re-produce and export Yemeni oil and gas abroad until an agreement is reached with the National Salvation Government in Sana’a, Turkey-based Balqees TV reported.

The company called on Saudi-led coalition countries to make an agreement with Sana’a on continuing oil production and export, months after Sana’a forces succeeded in stopping the looting of oil wealth by foreign countries through the ports of Shabwa, Hadramout and Mahra provinces.

In this context, observers considered PetroMasila’s announcement of the cessation of the export and production process as a victory for the Sana’a government and confirmation of its success in imposing new equations in the war with the coalition.

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