Al-Ahmar admits to the UN envoy the secret of his refusal to release Qahtan

On Saturday, a prominent leader in the Islah party, Hamid Al-Ahmar, admitted to secretly refusing to release the party leader, Mohammed Qahtan.

Exclusive – Al-khabar Al-Yemeni:

Activists on social media circulated an audio recording of a phone call between Al-Ahmar and former UN envoy Jamal Ben Omar.

Al-Ahmar describes Qahtan as a problem within the party and an attempt to dominate the scene by adopting, as he described it, “lies and deception.” He also reveals his concerns about Qahtan’s movements, who indicated during the call that he has the support of large factions within the party.

Al-Ahmar is one of the most prominent leaders of Islah, which has turned the party into its own barn and worked during the past period to suppress many voices calling for change and to exile many young and emancipated leaders from its constraints.

Al-Ahmar’s statement comes after Islah refused a new proposal to reveal Qahtan’s fate, where the head of the prisoners’ committee of the Sana’a delegation, Abdel Qader Al-Murtada, revealed receiving a UN notice of the rejection of the proposal, although it does not exceed the party’s disclosure of Sana’a prisoners in its prisons in Marib in exchange for revealing Qahtan’s fate.

Al-Ahmar’s confessions reflect the deliberate actions of senior party leaders to continue Qahtan’s suffering and their fears of his dominance over the party’s future.

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