Sana’a reviews the largest gathering of the “Parallel Army” and reveals its mission

Yesterday, Sana’a released a video clip of thousands of tribal militants participating in an unprecedented parade.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

The video, posted by the Deputy Foreign Minister in the Rescue Government, Hussein Al-Azzi, showed thousands in civilian clothing, confirming Sana’a’s decision to form what he described as the “Parallel People’s Army.”

In an apparent reference to US threats against the backdrop of support for Gaza, Al-Ezzi ascribed the step to the challenges facing Yemen, the most notable of which is the imposition of what he called the world’s choices on the country that it largely does not desire.

Al-Azzi called on those parties to realize the fact that Sana’a, just as its talents flow towards peace, can also flow towards war.

Several Yemeni cities a witnessed parade of tribal militants as part of their preparations to fight the Gaza war if necessary, according to officials’ statements.

Yemen is known for its armed tribes, with American reports indicating the presence of over 6 million weapons in the hands of tribes, which has been a card Washington has sought to seize during the recent decades of Yemen’s rule.

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